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ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE is a skill for self-development which teaches you to change long standing habits that may cause unnecessary tension within the body.

The technique can help relieve the pain and stress caused by postural habits eg slouching, rounded shoulders.

Tensions experienced in everyday life can accumulate over the years and may result in illness, injury or common aches and pains.  As a method of re-education an Alexander Teacher can help you recognise your habitual reactions to the stresses of life and how to stop and think to choose a more appropriate response.  It teaches the skillful 'use of self' ie how we use ourselves when moving, resting, breathing, learning and choosing our reactions to demanding situations.  As the old habits of movement, tension and reaction are stripped away, a more balanced body and mind can be achieved.  The Technique works through re-establishing the natural balance of the head, neck and back to promote easy upright posture and the efficient functioning of body and mind.  
Some of the benefits of AT involve help in naturally overcoming: 
  *back, neck and joint pain
  *muscle tension and stiffness
  *poor posture
  *breathing and vocal problems
  *anxiety and stress related conditions

The AT is usually taught in individual lessons which last about 30-45 minutes.  A series of 20-30 lessons is a good foundation for you to be able to start applying the AT in your daily life.