Warwick Pharmacy Clinic - A multi-disciplinary clinic offering integrated medicine
CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE offers a diagnosis based upon matching a formula to the presentation of a patient.  The diagnosis is assessed by taking the pulses at both wrists, examining the eyes, face, skin, nails and tongue.  Abdominal palpation examines the temperature and resistance in three areas on the abdomen. Detailed questioning about medical history, lifestyle and diet are a part of the herbal consultation.
A herbal prescription typically contains a variety of different herbs which work together by balancing, enhancing, softening or focusing the flavour and energetics of each other to achieve therapeutic results.
All herbs are sourced from high quality reliable suppliers, approved by the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) www.rchm.co.uk.
Herbs prescribed will either be recommended as raw dried (roots, leaves, flowers and twigs) or as concentrated powder granules. Both formats are equally effective, and each has its advantages: powders do not require cooking and they can be more convenient to take while travelling. 
The herbal appointment takes about half an hour. Follow up appointments are scheduled at 2-3 weeks depending on a person’s condition.
The cost of herbs is calculated separate to the consultation fee, and will depend on weight.