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PSYCHOTHERAPY is a talking therapy in which the therapist offers an environment where you can express your feelings and gain a deeper insight into the issues that are concerning you.  It provides and opportunity to discuss things that you might feel uncomfortable talking about to a friend of family member.  

The aim is to find more appropriate ways to cope or to create changes in the way you think and behave that will improve your mental and emotional well being.

Psychotherapy embraces a range of approaches and methods.  These range from one-to-one talking sessions to therapies that use techniques such as role play, music or dance to help explore people's emotions.

Some therapists work with couples, families or groups and it is also used with children and adolescents.

Psychotherapy can be short or long term.  The number of sessions will depend on you, the therapist and the depth and complexity of the issues you wish to work on.

it is usual for therapy to last for a minimum of six sessions and some types of therapy may last for two years or more.